DofTNet Help and Support

Password Reset

Want to change your password? You probably should, every now and then. We've set up a Self Service Password page.

If you know your current password, you can change it there. If you've forgotten your password, you can also reset it in one of two ways:

  1. Question: If you have set up a security question, you can reset your password by selecting your question and providing the answer.
    • Requires that you've previously set a question and answer
    • Make sure your question and answer are something that only you would know and not something that someone could guess or find out on social media or elsewhere. We're going to add a wider selection of questions at some point but until then, you should probably let DofT know if you have an alternate email address you can use for password reset/recovery and he'll make sure it's configured in your account.
  2. Email: If an alternate email address has been set, the system will send a confirmation email to that address with a link to reset the passowrd.
    • More secure, but requires an alternate address be configured.
    • DofT has to do that for you right now, but we'll add a way to do that yourself at some point.
  3. SMS: Coming soon
    • DofT is in the process of setting up an SMS notification service for DofTNet. As an alternative to email, you'll be able to request a reset token via text message
    • Like email, this will require a mobile number saved in your account. DofT will have to initially configure that as well until he gets or writes more comprehensive account management tools.

DofT can also reset your password if needed.