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Copyright Notice Information about content on sites operated by DofTNet Enterprises:
Unless otherwise noted, content on the network of websites is Copyright ©2000 - 2008 DoftNet Enterprises. Unless otherwise noted, content and designs on the network of websites is licensed only for personal use and only for distribution through the network of websites. More information on copyright can be found at the United States Copyright Office website. (
Use of and linking to DofTNet These are my requests:

I have put a lot of time and effort into creating the photos, images, descriptions, and other content available on DofTNet Enterprises' websites. Because there are not any restricted access areas of DofTNet, there should be no reason for anyone to take any of the content from this site. Taking any of the content from this site for any reason without my explicit permission violates copyright laws so if you want to use any of the content from the DofTNet network of websites, please contact me to make appropriate arrangements.

I have no problems with anyone linking to any of my websites, however I do have some requests. First of all, do not link directly to any of the images or graphics, including "<IMG SRC="address to my image">" and "<A HREF="address to my image">Check out my rose!</A>" style links. Doing so eats up my bandwidth without allowing people to see related descriptions or other information. I will block requests from sites that link directly to any images. My second request is more of a reccomendation. When linking to my website, I reccomend that you link to the homepage instead of directly to any other page. This is simply a matter of preventing broken links. I may change the arrangement of the site from time to time and this can result in broken links or links that do not point to the intended content so keep that in mind if you are linking to anything besides the homepage.

If you have any questions about these requests or anything else, please feel free to contact me through the feedback page.

External Links Links from DofTNet to other sites

A list of links to other sites is maintained here. I may link to other sites in other areas of DofTNet for a variety of reasons including but not limited to attribution, reference, and/or convenience. These links are provided without compensation at my whim and may be removed at any time for any reason. I may provide a link by request. Contact me for more information.

Ads By Google links appear at the top of most pages and near the bottom of every page. These links are provided through Google's AdWords/AdSense programs. They are usually content based and inclusion in these sponsered links is handled by Google. To advertize specifically on this site, click on the "Advertize on this site" link that appears on the google ad blocks.

Links to products may appear on many pages. Some are specific product recommendations, Some are automatically generated links served by Automatically generated links may be for products that I don't necessarily recommend or endorse, but hey.. if it's something you're interested in, far be it from me to stop you.

Privacy Information

In general, I do not collect personally identifiable information when people visit my websites. There are, of course, some exceptions and when those arise, I go out of my way to make sure that any information that you give to me that is personally identifiable (such as your name, email address, etc.) stays between us. I will not send bulk email advertisements, and I will not sell or otherwise give out your information.

With that in mind, you should know that DofTNet works with, PayPal, and Google. I encourage you to read the privacy policy at each of these sites. When visiting any of my sites which contain content provided by any of these sites, that content is subject to the privacy policy of the originating company.

Unsolicited Bulk Email Notice Beware of spam!

As most people are keenly aware, the email system is getting flooded with unwanted advertisements, mail viruses, and other major annoyances. The problem is not only getting worse but also the people and programs that are doing this are starting to use real email addresses that don't belong to them as the return address for these messages. What that means is that many of these unwanted messages are not coming from the address that it appears to come from.

I have taken several steps to prevent my email addresses from being misused in this way. One of these steps was the addition of SPF records to my host information. What this means is that my web host has information about which Internet servers are allowed to send email messages using my email addresses. More information about SPF and how it works is available at

If you have received an unwanted advertisement, email virus, or other unwanted message that looks like it came from me, please let me know through the feedback form or by forwarding it to the abuse address at any of my domains. A list of my domains can be found below. Include a copy of the message and full headers if possible. Also, contact your email provider to find out if they support SPF and request that they consider it in addition to other methods of spam prevention.

Domain List Internet domain names owned by DofTNet Enterprises:

This site is accessable using the following domains, all of which have been registerd by DofTNet Enterprises:

  • - This is the official domain.
  • *
  • - This seems to be the one most people visit through. *shrugs*
If you received an advertisement or email virus from any user at any of these domains, please let me know through either the feedback page or abuse@ any one of the listed domains.

* The domain points to a test website. Pay it no mind.

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