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Welcome to the DofTNet Store.

Here you will find precut globe kits and assembled origami globes as well as a selection of origami molecule models. Also, if you are interested in perusing the bookstore, please feel free to do so. I have a few specific recommendations as well so take a look.

I also recommend you check out Sakura Designs by bugeyetreefrog on Etsy. There, you will find a variety of unique hand crafted necklaces, earrings, and other gifts. You may even find designs that incorporate some of my origami work.

Molecules Click for Full Size Image

For the Origamic Chemists among you, I have instructions for building basic molecules available on the instructions page. If you'd rather leave the folding to me, I'd be more than happy to constuct the molecule of your choice.

These molecules are constructed with 100% paper - no glue or other structural material is used. They are generally sturdy enough to be picked up and handled but for the long run, they are best left for display only. Each molecule will be made when they are ordered and more complicated molecules will take longer to make so when you place your order, I will contact you to let you know about how long it will take.

Shipping costs are factored into the price and I will select the shipping carrier based on what makes sense to me at the time you place your order.


If the molecule you want isn't on the list, let me know what molecule you'd like and I will let you know how much it would cost and we can make arrangements from there.

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