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We should all know by now that I'm a caffeine connoisseur (and by that I mean total addict), so it should come as no surprise to find that I've tried a lot of different caffeinated products. I've seen this before at various stores and I thought "huh.. I'm going to have to try this sometime."

I should point out that caffeine is not one of the listed ingredients but this fine treat is flavored with guarana. For those who don't know, gurana berries actually contain about twice as much as caffeine as coffee so it contributes to both the flavor and the perk.

Before we go on, I have to say that Casey is awesome and somehow, through an unlikely set of circumstances, I have the great fortune of being married to her... but that's another story so anyway, back to this story.

Casey had written to the makers of Perky Jerky and told them about DofTNet and about my caffeine affections. Evidently they checked out the site and decided to send a bit my way. I was blissfully ignorant of these grand schemes at the time so imagine my joy when she clued me in.

A few days later, this shiny bag of awesomene arrived in the mail. Now the idea of energy meat just makes me all giddy anyway, but to wrap it in a shiny package is enough to make my brain melt. I had just returned from a visit to the dentist so a good chunk of my mouth was numb which makes it a terrible idea to try eating something as substantial as jerky so, alas, I had to wait until I could feel my face again before attempting to partake in this awesome treat that had been bestowed upon me.

With Awesomeness Inside Click for Full Size Image

Upon opening the shiny bag of awesome, imagine our surprise to find not just one or two small samples, but two packages each of the regular Perky Jerky and the Turkey Perky Jerky! Over half a pound of sweet energy infused meat contained in four smaller shiny bags of awesome!

As luck would have it, I found myself really worn out from the day's activities so what luck to have some Perky Jerky at hand to snack on as a pick-me-up for the rest of the day? Once the anesthesia wore off, I sleepily tore into a pouch of Turkey Perky Jerky. It smelled fantastic and so I reached in and took a bit.. nibbled on it and it tasted fantastic as well! And to top it all off, it wasn't tough or overly hard on my poor aching jaw that was still complaining about having suffered at the hands of my dentist. Of course, I shared with Casey as well.

A few minutes after I had finished the whole pouch, I noticed that the product was indeed living up to its name and that I was, in fact, feeling more perky. What more could someone ask for in a snack? Not much. I might try dusting some with a touch of green chili powder, but then again I might just enjoy the rest as is.

The awesome doesn't end there, either. Turns out they donate a portion of their earnings to support muscular dystrophy and down syndrome research as well. For self-proclaimed jerks, they certainly do good work.

You can probably find Perky Jerky around various stores, gas stations, and so on, but you should certainly check out their website at where you can order directly as well.

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