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Caffeine! Click for Full Size Image

I, of course, have been such a caffeine addict for a very long time. I'll add caffeine to anything. I've even made caffeinated green chili beer that packs three kinds of kick.

This is a new section dedicated to my favorite alkaloid, the xanthine that gets me through the day, Caffeine. Look for more exciting stuff soon!

Of course, everyone who visits this site ought to know about the origami caffeine molecule. Care to make your own? Visit the Origamic Chemestry page.

United Nuclear Click for Full Size Image

So.. yeah... There may be plenty of sources for pure caffeine on the internet, and many of them can probably get you caffeine for a better price, but let's be honest... I've got a little mad scientist in me and who can resist the appeal of getting caffeine from someplace called United Nuclear?

Of course, it's best if you follow their guidelines and only use this for experiments and not add it to food or drink, and you'll never hear me advise you to do otherwise. Proceed at your own peril.

Anyway, disclaimers aside, besides caffeine, they have all sorts of fun things available. I'm sure if I had known that they were operating a few miles from where I lived several years ago before they moved to Michigan that I would have managed to get myself in all sorts of trouble.

Caffeinated Green Chili Beer Click for Full Size Image

In addition to caffeine, I also like green chili and beer. It seems perfectly logical for me to enjoy these things all at once. This page will give some details about how I integrate these three individually marvelous things into one beautiful brew.

Perky Jerky! Click for Full Size Image
Yes, apparently they are. I have tasted the awesome and it is truly awesome. Read about my experience!

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