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Once again, I'll add the crease lines once I get the chance so if my wacky explanation doesn't make sense, please be patient and I'll have something better soon..

Step 2a: Make sure that the crease you just made is now the bottom edge of the paper. Mountain fold the lower left corner so that the left edge lines up with the top edge. Valley fold the lower right corner so that the rite edge meets the top edge as well.

Step 2b: Valley fold the left point down and mountain fold the right point down.. The creases should go from the point where the crease in steps 2a meet the bottom edge to the center point of the top edge.

Unfold steps 2a and 2b. You should have a zig-zag set of creases.. with the creased edge from step 1 still at the bottom, the creases that go from upper left to lower right should be mountain folds and the creases that go from lower left to upper right should be valley folds.

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