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Vase Click for Full Size Image

This vase design is hosted at and is in PDF format. I find that 5 roses can be displayed quite well in a vase like this.

There are plenty of other diagrams available at as well so be sure to check them out.

"New" Kawasaki Rose Click for Full Size Image

Over the years, I have received several requests for photographic instructions for what is commonly called Kawasaki's new rose. There are several reasons why I have not gotten around to this, one of which is the fact that I have only folded this version a few times and do not have the process memorized.

When asked if I could post a photographic instruction set for the new rose this time around I did a lot of digging because I remember running across a set of photos that followed Winson Chan's diagrams (which can be found at Joseph Wu's website) but didn't think to bookmark it the first time I ran across it. I finally found it again at Origami Mitra listed under the links page. It can currently be accessed at Anool Mahidharia's website in the download area. Last time I checked, the link on that page seemed to link to the wrong place, however the pdf file is available at

Using both Winson Chan's diagrams and Anool's photos gives a good overall idea of how things are supposed to go together. I hope this is the sort of thing people have been looking for

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