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What you'll find here A quick introduction to DofTNet

Welcome to DofTNet! I'm so glad you've dropped by my little corner of the Metaverse. For all the latest information about DofTNet, please visit the DofTNet pages Facebook and Google+. Here's what you'll find at DofTNet:

Projects & Pics shows off just what can be done with some paper, some patience, and a great imagination or at least a good set of instructions. I show off some of the many things I've folded as well as pictures that other folders have sent to me. Credit given where credit is due, of course. Photos of my current projects can be found here including the Origami Globes, Origami DNA, and other oricami molecules I've built. Want to show off your work here, too? Contact me for more information.

Instructions: What everyone is really here for! Currently I have instructions for a modified version of one of Toshikazu Kawasaki's rose designs along with a calyx - the base - and stem to match. Also available: Origamic Chemistry instructions - models of molecules rendered in paper. Finally, the newest set of instructions are the Icosahedron and Cube Globes - origami models of the Sun, all of the planets including two versions of Venus and five of the Earth, plus the Moon and Pluto. Saturn even has rings. Check back for updates and other new instructions as they become available. I also include links to other diagrams that I recommend.

Caffeine! This should have been here years ago. After all, I would probably die without caffeine.

Interact provides a number of ways you can get in touch with me. Let me know what's on your mind, if you're so inclined.

The DofTNet Store is where you can buy stuff. Currently I feature a collection of books that I recommend. Buying a book helps to support this site and it's maintainer. A well fed DofT is a happy DofT and a happy DofT is more likely to post instructions and provide help! Amazon.com handles the shipping and so forth so if you don't see a book that you're looking for, use the handy search box at the top of the page and get whatever suits your fancy. It still helps me, and you still get your book or CD or DVD or whatever else! It's win-win all around.

The important information on the important info page includes copyright notices, use of the site, my requests on how to link to this site, privacy information, and what I think about spam. PLEASE READ!

I hope you enjoy your stay!

Dan of Toasters

My Name For the curious.

The name of this site - DofTNet - is a contraction of "Dan of Toasters on the Net". Dan of Toasters, if you haven't guessed, is what I go by among friends. If you've made it this far, then it should be clear that I do have a presence on the Internet. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Dan of Toasters, if you're now wondering about that, is a nickname that doesn't really have any particular meaning - it just seemed like a good idea at the time. It came from a strange fixation I had on the word "toast" and seems to suit me just fine. I will often go by D of T or simply DofT depending on how lazy I'm feeling at the time. That's it in a nutshell.

If you feel silly calling me "Dan of Toasters" or "D of T" or "DofT", then Dan works just fine. It is my real name, after all.

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